Hi, I'm Chris Droukas.

I’m a designer based in New York City, currently creating products for Goldman Sachs. Previously, I designed experiences for Priceline, SocialCode, Trove and WaPo Labs (The Washington Post).

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Goldman Sachs
Product Designer, 2019 – Present

Design Lead, 2018 – 2019

Senior Designer, 2017 – 2018
Designing across product verticals, marketing initiatives and platforms to conceive and codify a single visual language for all of Priceline.

Product Designer, 2015 – 2017
Reimagined SocialCode’s visual language for applications, designed powerful ad management, analytics and reporting software for web, and designed/developed one of the industry’s first ad management mobile apps for multiple media platforms.

Product Designer, 2014 – 2015
Led interface design, user experience, research and testing for Trove’s iOS, Apple Watch and web applications. Focused on deliberate, scalable information architecture, maximizing user retention and streamlining new user acquisition.

WaPo Labs (The Washington Post)
Product Designer, 2012 – 2014
Designed the transition of Washington Post Social Reader from a passive Facebook canvas application to a standalone web application with features for increased user engagement like newsfeed customization, sharing tools and contextual recommendations. Initiated a migration for Social Reader’s iPhone-only application to a modern universal application.

Hendricks Investment Holdings
Production Consultant, 2011

Creative Strategies
Editor, 2010 – 2011


SocialCode Web Applications
2015 – 2017
SocialCode’s software powers advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands. I led product design on SocialCode’s ad management, reporting and analytics applications for major social networks.

SocialCode Performance for iOS
2015 – 2017
Performance is SocialCode’s advanced advertising and reporting tool that enables users to launch large campaigns, maximize performance and report ROI across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Performance allows users to monitor and take action on their existing cross-platform social advertising campaigns.

Trove for Apple Watch
In 2015, Apple extended an invitation for myself and one engineer to test Trove for watchOS in a lab in California before Apple Watch was released to the public.

In a few days, we turned around a full-featured watchOS app — complete with rich news notifications, voice dictated comments on stories and the ability to see full content and images for select publishers. Trove was briefly featured in the News category of the App Store for Apple Watch in April 2015.

Trove for iOS
2014 – 2015
In 2014, The New York Times described Trove as “a treasure for news junkies.” Slate said Trove “[took] social news curation in a more productive and tailored direction.”

Trove for iOS was a complete reimagining of the social news experience on mobile devices. Trove built on years of listening to and learning from users to deliver the most fun newsreading experience on iOS.

Washington Post Social Reader
2012 – 2014
Washington Post Social Reader relaunched in 2013 after its debut onstage at Facebook f8 a year earlier. During that time, Social Reader evolved from a Facebook-only application to a standalone site serving 30 million users with content from over 100 publishers.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2017

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Washington, DC – 2014

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Washington, DC – 2014

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For more information and work samples, contact me.